Sorry really old photo
AKA: Gruff
Gender: Male
Occupation: Magical Dog
Age: 14
Family: Oli (Hubby) Wes (Hubby) Kiki (Wife)
Enemies: Dani's Joker Form >.<

LeGruff, otherwise known as Gruff, is mainly a happy and random person. Gruff has been a member since APRIL 25, 2012


Gruff lives in Wales, UK, Europ, Earth


Gruff has brown helmet hair thats usely straight. He has brown eyes and is 5'9. He's 14. The photo is old


Add your self if you wish :3


Anna and Gruff didn't meet each too long ago, but they seemed to make friends right away. When Gruff really made an impression on Anna was when he helped her out, with some stuff on another wiki. She was really thankfull that he would go out of his way to help, and ever since then, Anna has considered them to be close friends. Eventhough Gruff's help did not succed, the fact that he tried made her really thankfull. She wishes to help him back one day. They also skype a lot and has had funny convos.