Gender: Male

"I'm not going to lie, I look hot right now" -Callam to Tinychat

PurpleZombie, better known as Callam, is a fairly well known user, originally starting on his account CallamD97 in April. Callam became well known after his involvement with the BCBNs.


Callam is a known user on the wiki manly known for his sexyniss, which has become popular and well known. Callam is also on tiny chat lots. 

He is generally sexy and likes to think of himself as a charmer, he has 7 partners

  • Kiki
  • Wool (Dani)
  • Cass
  • Alice
  • Anna
  • Hayley Williams
  • Kellin Quinn

That's all for now folks, but remember this.

He is the God of hair, do not mess with him.

'How the hell did you ever pick me?

Honestly, I could sing you a song

But I don't think words can express your beauty

It's singing to me

How the hell did we end up like this?

You bring out the beast in me

I fell in love from the moment we kissed 

Since then we've been history'