"TheCoCoPuffsGuy", mainly known as Jojo, is a well known

person around The Hunger Games Wiki. His name is actually Joseph, but people call him Jojo because he doesn't 

really care.

Appearence Edit

Jojo is a horrifying creature. He is a gigantic black lump, with purple spikes going down his back. That is all. He has no other features.

Mittens the CatEdit

Mittens the Cat is Jojo's ginger cat. She chatted a lot with Jojo when he first joined the Hunger Games wiki. She is very well known with some people. She is very lazy and likes to eat bacon.

The Yarn WikiEdit

The Yarn wiki was a wiki that Jojo himself created, for his cat, Mittens. People like ~PoundtheAlarm~ (Caylin) and Nommyzombies (Cass) were part of a section of the wiki called the MFC (Mittens fan club). Marvin the otter, (Caylin's pet) was one of mitten's very best friends.

Summary of JojoEdit

Jojo, overall, is better than everyone else.


Jojo has many friends, but is too lazy to put them all.


Jojo lives in YourMotherville, YourMotherville.