A dolla makes me holla
Full name: Emma nunofyobeezwax
AKA: Oh my glob i have so much nicknames
Gender: I am both dont you see ;)
Occupation: i am still in school you know
Age: 13
Location: Canada Eh
Ships: I Dont have any ships
Allies: I am to lazy to add them but people you know who you are <3
Family: I forgot or i just dont have a family ;(
Significant Others: .........
Enemies: I hate Fake people and Grammer since its my weakness

What is a Emma?Edit

An Emma is a human who lives in canada she is obsessed with stuff like Here comes honey boo boo and Battle royale and she  can be really shy but when you get to know her she will be Crazy but that will take time since she has trust issues.

What does this Species called an Emma look like?Edit

Emma has wavy brown hair up to her chest which her mom has been trying to get her to the hairdresser since she thinks Emma needs a hair cut, but she does not need one but thanks to her mom, her hair looks like a piece of crap its a drag since i dont mean to brag but she looked hot in ponytails D: and she is a bit tanned from florida. The color of Emma eyes are brown which is the color of poop but she can deal with it she also has a brown mole on her finger which she tried to take it off with a knife when she was little but she chickened out and she is about 5'2 and she has alot of scars around her arms since Emma is clumsy and she falls in poison ivy she goes camping alot so then are alot of poison ivy that where she camps.

How does she act around othersEdit

Well....when she was little like when she about Ten she was a very bubbly girl she  is one of those people who would never shut up but people still liked Emma since Emma was really nice but sometimes she could get to crazy and rant on people that she hates to much but she does not do that anymore TBC